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Bompas and Parr’s art of jelly

Meet the jellymongers, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. The old Eton College pals have taken the UK party scene by storm with their flamboyant jellies, bow ties and jelly-stained trousers. Whether it’s flooding the ground floor of a stately home to make a giant cocktail navigable only by boat, or inspiring the world’s top architects to make jelly, the jellymongers recently also enchanted Melbourne with their brightly coloured, often alcoholic, and very wobbly creations. They whipped up funeral jellies for […]

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Defining Irish fare

It’s butter. Rich creamy butter, the product of Ireland’s rich emerald green pastures, that excites Rachel Allen, the woman who put Irish cooking back on the map, and who recently visited Australia as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. “I always come back to dairy.” says the TV chef, cookbook author and champion of local artisan produce. “I love our butter. I love our cream.” Then there’s the seasonal foods. “That meal, the last of asparagus, the first […]

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The rock star chef

Alex Atala is quite literally a rock star chef. A former DJ and punk musician, the tattooed Alex Atala is a Brazilian media sensation and runs what is claimed to be one of the top 50 restaurants in the world. What makes him different to many other carbon copy celebrity chefs is that he shuns high-end ingredients. He’s turning French restaurant traditions on their head and has recently taken the gourmet delights of foie gras and truffles off the menu […]

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Matt Preston to be the face of Type II diabetes?

Matt Preston licks plate. Photo stolen with full disregard for copyright and fair use from the Masterchef website. It’s pretty impressive how Matt Preston the chummy and ever so slightly chubby Melbourne food writer grew into the huge Masterchef’s Matt Preston and brand. And just grew. And grew. And grew to the point that Woman’s Day is running a splash on him with no information whatsoever about concerns over his health after eating 97 portions of osso bucco risotto. A […]

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Thai master David Thompson in conversation

One of the most exciting chefs to be in town for the Sydney International Food Festival was the witty and erudite David Thompson. If you aren’t familiar with Thompson, the caffeine-fuelled chef is the father of Thai food in Australia and one of the main reasons that Sydneysiders have a taste for good spicy Thai food rather than creamy bland green curries. He is consultant to the one Michelin star Namh in london and is about to move to Thailand […]

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Sydney food festival better than Melbourne?

Yu Bo’s Sichuan banquet at Sydney International food festival Is it possible to talk about Sydney and Melbourne without making a comparison of which is best? I think not. And so is the debate between which was the best food festival this year: the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival or Sydney. I went to both on freebies, although sponsored by NSW Tourism this trip was $$$$$$$$$$. I think Sydney wins for its focus and theming on Asia and perhaps reflecting […]

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Finger-licking good: My short history of sex in cooking television shows

[youtube:] Only the other night gazing out at the opera house from Quay restaurant in Sydney I had the good fortune to sit at dinner with the new improved much, much larger than life Matt Preston. Not only was I subject to his advice on all things Myf Warhurst, his pony skin R.M. Williams boots and dressing-up box chic but his stagey sexy looks. The look that stuck in my mind is when his sultry eyes gaze towards what should […]

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Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Melbourne

You don’t have to know much about Anthony Bourdain to know he loves Melbourne. He was back earlier this year guided around town – and down to the Royal Mail Hotel – by Matt Preston, Tony Tan and Paul Wilson. Here are the Youtube clips from what was show recently in the US. [youtube:] Part one: Paul Wilson while he was at the Half Moon in Brighton. [youtube:] Part two: Playing Trugo with Matt Preston and kebabs on Sydney Rd […]


Thomas Keller talks Tomato

Neil Perry (left), Thomas Keller and Heston Blumenthal (bald). Courtesy of the Melbourne Wine and Food Festival. On the SBS Food site you can see my story on meeting Thomas Keller at the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival earlier this year. Like most chefs of his calibre, he is charming and practiced and I got a lot out of him in some 20 minutes, more than there was space for in my profile on him. I’ve included some raw quotes […]