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The Huxtabogan: the end to Smith St cool?

There’s a new burger in town and it’s a contender to take Melbourne’s best burger crown from Neil Perry’s Rockpool Bar and Grill. It’s from a joint called Huxtaburger, the choice of hangout for a new breed on Smith St, the Huxtabogan, and costs $10 to Perry’s $23. There’s a lot that’s good about the burger, each one named after a character in the The Cosby Show. My favourite is “The Bill” which at $10 is a patty of grass-fed […]

Burgers, Eat streets

I’m only eating this burger so you don’t have to

I get a lot of stick on this blog every time I eat Maccas. Usually, I serve the chips with a home made steak tartare. Living a one minute walk away from the Acland St Maccas, it is far easier to walk there are back rather than deal with hot fat or oil (I refuse to use oven chips). The last time I advocated Maccas chips the comment was “he’s obviously not a foodie”. Well, done for recognising it. Proudly, […]

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Plan B for burgers. Not Rockpool Bar & Grill

Ever since I first ate the Wagyu burger at Rockpool Bar and Grill I’ve been touting it as the best in Melbourne. Each time I’m nearby, I drop in to the bar and sit silently munching burger in hand, sandwiched between blokes doing exactly the same (although I thought it was a bit dodgy that last time that two blokes in town for the rugby were drinking a NZ sauvignon blanc with their buns). Apparently, the Sydney version is even […]

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Best burgers in town – now in St Kilda

Sure you could go to Grill’d in Acland Street for an organic burger. Or, if really hangover try the low fat burger – the worst burger I have encountered – at Maccas. If you are in the know though, you’ll be popping round to the corner of Acland and Barkly Streets to Danny’s (164 Barkly St, St Kilda 3182 +61 9537 1453). Yes, you heard right. Danny’s, the Fitzroy diner famous for making the best burgers in Melbourne since 1945, […]

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Barney Allen’s: slimmed down Tolarno

More cameraphone experiments at Barney Allen’s. Back to the dark ages in photographic quality but I was able to email it directly to Flickr.For all my overseas readers I’d first like to say that when I refer to Huey that I’m am not referring to Billy Connolly’s Glaswegian yawn. No, I’m referring to Iain Hewitson, who is the 1980s was Melbourne’s top celebrity chef. Nowadays he is an avid barbequer and until recently was the chef at Tolarno which closed, […]