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G8: Keep on walking

I’m not a whisky (or whiskey) drinker really but at a recent Johnny Walker tasting I was impressed with cocktails muddled with the spirit and how it was matched with food (especially ice cold Gold Label with Valrhona chocolate mouse). But from now on we’re temped to keep on walking, as the ad campaign says, and try a brand that may be a little more ethical. The latest edition of Private Eye reports how the drinks giant is trying to put its main competitors – home brewers – out of business. Apparently, Diageo has made news on the NGO corporate watch as it keeps replacing its Nigerian unionised staff with casuals while lobbying governments to close down the home brew business. Still Diageo should feel good at least for buying over journalists with this little awards scheme. Of course, you can make up your own mind by reading the bumpf on Diageo’s corporate web site. Please remember, however, these reports are just what the company wants to tell you. It is impossible for even auditors to check on everything a company does. Diageo’s seemingly thorough reports could be misleading by omission.