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The mud crab that never was

It’s going to be a special night for the long-suffering mother of your two naughty little boys. You visit the Nautilus restaurant, famous for Bill Clinton’s visit in another century, two days before hand and pre-book two mud crabs. You want it to special and when you arrive you tuck into a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut at $150. It all goes swimmingly until what are meant to be two whole chilli mud crabs turn up. The waiter says it has sold out. The Maitre d’ refuses to come over at first. Finally he says they had none in the first place. As a concession, they give it to you at $90 a head and you leave $650 lighter. The next day you cancel your second booking vowing never to return. Instead you enjoy 1.5 kilos of mud crab from the fishmonger for less than $40. Priceless.