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Crabfest at Omah’s

I‘ve always though that the time to eat mud crab is full moon. But apparently it doesn’t matter as long as you don’t eat them in the summer months, a bit like oysters,and they are good now. Not only are mud crabs delicious but as long as you aren’t eating spawning females they are a sustainable seafood too. And that means you can eat as much crab as will make you burst which is exactly what I did at Omah’s in Port Melbourne the other day. We tried both chilli and salted egg crab (about $40 each) and I think the verdict was the the salted (pictured) was best. Omah’s has been in Port Melbourne for five years now (it also has a Hawthorne), but has only recently hit the radar with a table of ten bloggers there with us the other night. Also worth a try are the nyonya fish and coconut prawns, served in the coconut itself. Boy, did I make a mess and naturally ended up finger licking.

C’est bon. C’est mal

The headline would make a pithy review. Mean, funny and tempting. But it would be an injustice to my readers and perhaps the restaurant. The food at C’est Bon in Port melbourne is okay. And because of a recent update the text from this post has dissapeared. My main problem ws getting hold of a spoon for the boullabaise in what i think was a fairly boring restaurant.