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How food apps use algorithms to make recommendations for you

“…algorithms are also responsible for fueling restaurant apps. Restaurant recommendation (or “discovery”) apps — from stalwarts like Foursquare to upstarts like MyFab5 — come up with recommendations based on algorithms’ interpretations of data (yours and theirs). Others, like the just-launched Luka and the six-month-old Flavour, apply algorithms to recommendations curated by professionals and tastemakers. But when biases, context, and emotion are removed from the equation, how effective are the algorithms when it comes to recommending something you’d like — especially […]

restaurant bookings

The new shape of food journalism and reviews

Some things creep up on you. Others arrive in clusters. The evolution of food journalism and reviewing in Australia is a mixture of both with the dumping of two important restaurant critics in Sydney and Melbourne, the replacement of the editors of two major newspaper food sections at Fairfax and the elevation of Yelp! as the most likely winner in the food review stakes. So what happened? First to the Yelp! news, which is really significant. The latest IOS update […]

restaurant bookings

New service: You can book restaurants here now

Jackie from Eating with Jack remembers when she first met me. She was front of house at Mrs Jones in Carlton maybe five or six years back and I wasn’t in the reservations book. Being a pro she managed to squeeze us in. She later told me that’s often what happens when a chef or kitchen hand answers the phone. It’s a problem, more common than you’d imagine. Luckily, I’ve mostly been accommodated when bookings have gone astray but it […]