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How bad is our airline food?

We have access to some of the freshest most fabulous ingredients on the planet. But when it comes to airline food – even the boxed meals consulted upon by Neil Perry – we are sadly lacking in Australia.But at least to date we are not poisoning our passengers as in the UK where BA has been serving up some outsourced Gate Gourmet E Coli to passengers. Airline meals not only taste bad but look bad as well. Sadly down under the food available at out terminals – mostly of the fast and/or bland variety – is pretty shoddy. At least in Heathrow, if you were on an E Coli-free diet, you could check in the the oyster or caviar bars as Mrs Tomato apparently does. The BBC reports that airline food is, for some reason, important to travellers: “But free food still matters to a large bulk of airline passengers, according to research. One in five people say they wouldn’t use an airline again if the in-flight meal did not meet their expectations, according to aviation communications group SITA.” Just goes to show what a load of shit research is. And that some entrepreneur should start selling meal hampers at airports.