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Illegal food but bat for now

There they were skewered onto a giant kebab. It looked like half a dozen bodies of lap dogs but they were in fact fruit bats. For years I’ve wondered what they would taste like fed almost entirely on banana, pawpaw and mango. And now I’ve had my chance on the South Pacific Island of Efate. And the verdict is … chicken, which is a bit like pork which (we’re told) is a bit like the other other white meat. Of course, it is a bit more stringy and chewy than your average Sunday roast. Not bad but given the choose between the two I’d probably choose chicken. Incidentally we noticed in the ads for this restaurant, L’Houstalet, that they sell coconut crab. This is an endangered species and illegal in Vanuatu. But we didn’t know this when we ate one – two in fact – at another joint. More tomorrow.

Off the beaten track

If I don’t update for a few days I’ll be on this tropical island in this native bungalow. We’ll be drinking fresh coconut milk, eating fresh fish and lobster. We may never come back.