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The rules to order a Lune Croissant

Queues who needs them? I’ve learnt to accept the queues for restaurants on Flinders Lane. I’ll pick an unpopular night and/or time for a visit. Or I’ll plan a Negroni or two around the corner for the hour or so I have to wait. Lune Croissant is a different story. People are rising before dawn to queue for croissants (see pics). Not only that they are queueing in the dark and the cold but are leaving empty handed, myself included. It’s utter madness. And I have several problems with what is going on. First, of all there is a lot of guesswork as the website doesn’t tell us much apart from it is closed until 5th July for holidays. Usually Lune it is open from 7:30am-9:00am on a Friday and 8:00am – 9:30am on a Saturday or Sunday. Or until the pastries are sold out – about an hour. Second, there are lots of caveats and rules. Though they are a friendly bunch, the process of buying a croissant is akin to ordering soup from the Soup Nazi. Our first attempt was on a Thursday morning not realising the limited opening hours. The second attempt, post spin class, found us arriving at 7.25am on a Friday. We read the rules – only 6 croissants each – handed out to the queue of over 30 people and about 30 minutes later left with our booty, most of which was eaten in the car before we arrived home in St Kilda. These croissants are good. the ham and cheese croissants are the best. I can take of leave the cruffins. And for me the real sensation was the kouign amann, a buttery pastry from Brittany the scene of many childhood holidays. We needed to return. And we did but arrived at 7.30am on a Friday – 5 minutes later. After about 15 minutes we discovered from other shivering queue members the rules had changed. We required a ticket as detailed in a poster half way down the queue. After an hour we missed out and I started to wonder what the hell I was sucked into – queueing for an hour for a croissant with no reward. The ticket system was introduced to stop queue jumpers and perhaps fist fights between Asian students, the primary force in this skewed croissant economy. In my book nothing is that good to queue for so… Read more »

Smash, cut, peel or in the swimming pool?

My late Aunt was quite eccentric. Not only was she arrested by New York cops at her daughter’s wedding (she was trying to break it up as there was a black person involved) but she had this obsession with boiled eggs. I swore off them for years because she insisted on serving them with afternoon tea when as a child we visited her in Mill Hill, London. But now I have my taste for them back. With a vengence. Most days now I “go to work on an egg”, as the advertising slogan devised by copywriter Anthony Shaffer (who was managed by Fay Weldon) said. All I need to decide now is to cut or smash the top. What do you do? Smash of cut? How do you crack an egg? Smash Cut With a designer device Rock ‘n roll. Who eats breakfast? free polls