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My favourite deli by any other name

Try anything. It’s all good at the “deli” If it is a recommendation, according to Foursquare, I’ve checked in to Brunswick Street Alimentari 62 times in its recent memory. Located on the corner of Brunswick and Greeves Streets in Fitzroy and labelled simply the Deli or delicatessen, it first became my local simply because A’s studio is opposite. It’s got a real buzz to it with it’s mixed clientele of local celebrities (Eddie Perfect for one), personalities, artists, hipsters and Fitzroy types in general. It became a favourite in its own rite for us to meet over lattes, iced coffees, iced chocolates and glasses of pinot gris (or is that grigio?) in stolen moments. But there is also the food. The lasagne is a great twist with the addition of fennel and is one of my favourites to eat in or takeaway. The same goes for the meatballs which are either served with spaghetti, alone or in a wrap and certainly good enough to satisfy Tony Soprano or anyone of his ilk. Today, I cycled out of my way for the Falafel roll, which often sells out early. But equally, I would eat any of the pizzas, wraps or rolls. Or perhaps the Italian workers lunch of salumi, cheese and bread and a few other things. There’s beautiful, exotic imported preserved tomato products at even more exotic prices, cheeses and salumi for sale. If nothing else it’s just a good place to hang out and watch Brunswick St walk (and cycle). And the downside? It closes at 7pm.