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The Lobster Cave and the confusions of confusions

by Pam and Ed Imagine you were going to spend $330 on a meal for two. You could go for a four course a la carté at Vue de Monde for $150 a head (subject to the day and time of the week). You may bust your budget when you order a glass of wine each. Still, you get the full Vue De Monde experience. And the view. Or you could visit the Tuesday night Chef’s Table at Attica for $125 a head for five course meal and find plenty of options for the remaining $89 wine budget. Or you could leggit down to Beaumaris to the bizarro world of the Lobster Cave and for $329 a three course meal complete with two glasses of boutique wine included. Luckily Pam was there on a Groupon Deal and the $329 meal cost $69. Yes, you heard it. $329 of value for $69 and about 1,400+ people bought this deal. How do they do it? To visit the Lobster cave is to enter an alternative reality zone. I’m not talking about the illuminated fish tanks or the star-like down lights but the strange place it occupies in people’s minds. And the strange field of numbers its pricing belongs to with set menus, deals, vouchers and memberships that make it all but impossible to work out the price of anything on the menu. The latest Groupon offer I looked at is a “$59 Three-Course Seafood Lunch with Wine for Two People at The Lobster Cave (Up to $180 Value)”. For that you’ll get to “Feast on mains like the crispy duck leg and scallops, whole seared lobster tail and sirloin mermaid 300g”. And there is the bonus of a $50 return voucher and membership to the Gold Medallion Club – worth $149 according to the paperwork Pam was given. Pam’s offer, a birthday gift from a girlfriend, despite being a more expensive deal and featuring a picture of lobster tail, did not feature lobster to eat. Of course, she was given the Gold Medallion Club membership and a $50 discount voucher which I guess means the $329 of value equals about $130 of food and drink. Pam’s first and only other visit to The Lobster Cave was, maybe, 15 years ago. She recalls little more than fishing nets on the walls and plastic lobsters. Or maybe that could have been somewhere else completely,… Read more »

St Peter’s: Melbourne (fish) place

There are many complicated questions to answer on sustainability and eating fish. Should I eat farmed fish is one? What about tinned tuna? That has to be completely unsustainable I’m guessing. Thankfully, St Peter’s on Melbourne Place does all the thinking for you so you can relax and concentrate on eating truly delicious fish accompanied by decent Italian wine I wasn’t in the mood for a whole fish and was just up for a quick lunch so chose the Spaghettini bugs tail with garlic, chilli, white wine sauces and home grown rocket. On the side comes with the flavoursome poor man’s parmisan – breadcrumbs fried in olive oil with lemon and parsley. My only surprise with St Peter’s is that it chose to remain formal with linen table cloths rather than going casual and bare. Nevertheless you can’t beat it for seafood and it’s in a secret laneway to boot. I’m not sure what came over me that day; Despite dining alone I stayed on for an Affogato – two scoops of homemade vanilla bean ice-cream, espresso and a whack of liqueur. I must have been enjoying myself. Coming soon: Donovan Cooke on sustainable seafood.