Month: March 2009


The best restaurants in Melbourne?

1 Movida Bar de Tapas, Spanish 2 Moroccan Soup Bar, Moroccan 3 Cicciolina, Mediterranean 4 Cafe Vue, Coffee (It does a bit more than coffee) 5 Vue de Monde, French (I’m not sure French is the correct description for its whimsical high end dining) 6 Camy Shanghai Dumpling, Chinese 7 Rockpool Bar & Grill , Modern Australian 8 Botanical, Modern Australian 9 Flower Drum, Chinese 10 Longrain Melbourne, Thai (ish) source: Urban Spoon Once all that really counted was what […]


Listen to Heston Blumenthal and Thomas Keller talk the new cooking with Neil Perry

Packed into the new recital centre in Melbourne were a star-studded audience to hear Neil Perry, Heston Blumenthal and Thomas Keller discuss “A new approach to cooking”. Sydney chef Tony Bilson was taking notes sitting next to the legendary Cheong Liew. I think I spotted Karen Martini and Martin Boetz. The audience was also packed full of a who’s who of local food media as well as few bloggers and quite possible a few more food twitters. We were all […]

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Q&A: Will Tempura Hajime be fabulous for the price?

Q I booked Tempura Hajime for dinner in April. My husband and I enjoy Japanese. However, we went to Yu-u a few weeks ago and were completely and utterly underwhelmed. I think I read somewhere on your site about it having the same owners or something ? Nice dining setting but very uninspiring food. I know John Leathlean liked Tempura Hajime. So I thought that was good enough as we always seem to agree with his recs. But we are […]

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Andrew McConnell’s Cutler and Co takes Gertrude St to another level

The dessert that made me a plate licker. I’m not the only one worrying about the recession. But I’m probably the only one in Cutler & Co thinking about it. The reincarnation of chef Andrew McConnell’s Three, One, Two at the top end of Gertrude St is packed. So packed, McConnell later tells me that it took them by surprise which explains a couple of timing issues that a few of you will have seen on Twitter. But the whole […]


Q&A: Tips for world travellers

Q I am writing to you from agricultural heartland (Gippsland, that is) and hoping you might be able to give a coupla tips for surviving a visit to Washington DC. Naturally, the idea of eating in America inspires a degree of terror in me and I thought just maybe you might have a few clues? We are also visiting the Big Apple for the first time and would love to eat well there too.. I have heard this is easily […]

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The Espy’s Ichi Ni rocks St Kilda

I instantly like it: Ichi Ni (03 9534 1212), the Izakaya, a Japanese style tavern/pub with food, which opened last night  next to The Espy by the owners of The Espy Vince Sofo and Paul Adamo. It rocks. Yes, there were some blips in service on the first night. But we weren’t even aware that our dishes were taking longer than expected. We were having a great time. It’s a balmy late summer night. We are sitting on the large terrace […]


My secret chocolate kiwi fruit shame

À la recherche du temps perdu: Anthon Berg marzipans Back in the 90s in London I was doing a lot of Valrhona. Specifically, Manjari. I would hop on a moving Routemaster – the 137 – and sneak up to the Kings Rd to score big chunks of the stuff and Valrhona truffles made with Normandy cream and calvados. A friend was complicit in it encouraging me to bring Mangari to his Clapham South dinner parties. We were into some really […]