Month: September 2009

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Win tickets to Julie & Julia movie

TTo celebrate the launch of Julie and Julia I’m giving away ten double passes for the film – 5 double passes for the sneak preview weekend coming up this 3 to 4 October. And 5 double passes for the theatrical season which starts on October 8. The story is compelling, adapted from the book Julie & Julia: 365 Days, 524 Recipes, 1 Tiny Apartment Kitchen, which came from her blog which she started back in 2002. It’s probably the dream […]


Beans means big business: coffee

IT’S too busy,” complains Mark Dundon the co-owner of Seven Seeds, a Melbourne-based specialty coffee roaster and cafe, which opened earlier this year. Customers are queuing and sitting around waiting for specialty espressos, and lattes and other newfangled brews. He’s not the only specialty coffee operator facing a boom in trade and a shortage of good baristas. People are replacing eating out in restaurants with coffee, and starting to look at the origins and treatments of coffee beans. That’s what […]

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My wonky hot chocolate

180g cylinders of 100% pure cacao I‘m obsessed by good chocolate. This time last year flying on the excellent Emirates I was entranced by the story of Willie’s Wonky Chocolate Factory, a TV documentary aired on Channel 4 in the UK. (Check him out on Youtube) The storycentres on the trials of Willie Harcourt-Cooze who sold everything and planted 50,000 criollo cacao trees in Venezuala courting disaster at almost every moment. Finally, he succeeds in securing retail distribution for his […]

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I’m only eating this burger so you don’t have to

I get a lot of stick on this blog every time I eat Maccas. Usually, I serve the chips with a home made steak tartare. Living a one minute walk away from the Acland St Maccas, it is far easier to walk there are back rather than deal with hot fat or oil (I refuse to use oven chips). The last time I advocated Maccas chips the comment was “he’s obviously not a foodie”. Well, done for recognising it. Proudly, […]