Month: November 2009


Tea gets a quality infusion and becomes a fashionable trend

IF you believe the trend hunters, tea has been on the cusp of being the hot, fashionable beverage for years. But in most cafes and restaurants tea remains the indifferent teabag infused in water heated to a random temperature. In short, you are better dunking a bag in a cup of boiling water at home. But now specialty teas from single-origin farmers are receiving an unexpected boost from baristas who care about coffee and its origins. Nathan Wakeford, managing director […]


Relative merits of family businesses

THERE are many big issues facing family businesses. For a start, the family members are not only the shareholders and the board of directors, but the management of the company too. But of everything they face, the most thorny issue is how to deal with the kids when they either want to join the business or cash out. According to Terry Rowney, chairman of Family Business Australia, one of the worst things a family business can do is expect the […]

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Burger dynamics 101 and the Angry Anus

Hungry Jack’s Angry Angus that arrived with “ANUS” written on it. The gourmet burger is now mainstream. Even Hungry Jacks has its own salt and fat packed version dragging down the reputation of Angus beef. It’s the latest trend in food, knowing the provenance of your ingredients – with Maccas being the first mainstream brand to name Angus beef as a selling point back in August. The recently launched Hungry Jacks version, the Angry Angus, is masked with controversy particularly […]

Eat streets

Big meat at the Middle Park Hotel

Pork rib. Weeping isn’t something that comes naturally to me in public. Usually, I do it somewhere dark and private where I’m watching Love Actually, probably the bit with the Portuguese girl or the kids in the airport. But on Saturday night tears rolled from my eyes eating the offal salad at The Middle Park Hotel (opposite tram stop 130 on Canterbury Rd). It could have something to do with my existential crisis or the over consumption of alcohol, although […]

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Proud Mary. Great coffee and tea

I‘m starting to judge cafes by their espresso machines. The more serious the machine, the better the coffee. So when you walk into a cafe and you see a six group Synesso longer than a coffin worth some $40,000 and you know something special is going on. It sorta trumps even St Ali’s $30,000 Slayer which is pretty awesome but only has three groups. [youtube:] A Synesso in action. And I can tell you it’s official: Today coffee – and […]

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Help needed to support Streetsmart charities

In a world with big budgets and high overheads, Streetsmart is one of those charities that helps the small and local, roping in cafes and restaurants to support often forgotten frugal local causes. On Monday 9th November its 2009, running until Christmas Streetsmart’s campaign kicks off. The idea is that diners leave an extra $2 for Streetsmart, which distributes the funds to local homeless-related charities, the kind that only really need a few thousand dollars. It isn’t a big charity […]