Month: January 2010


Vietnamese BBQ makes a perfect perch

There’s a bad joke among old skool strawberry nosed newspaper sub editors when training newbies. “Fresh fish sold here” is the sign above the fish shop. “Fresh” can be removed because of course it’s fresh. “Here” because that’s obvious. It’s a shop, so lose the “sold”. And the “fish” because you can smell it a mile away. It’s a lesson in brevity that I’m ignoring because I can. This particular fish I didn’t smell,or even see coming. I didn’t even […]

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Menu for hope Asia Pacific winners 2010

Exciting! The results of our sixth annual Menu for Hope – with the help of two hundred bloggers, two hundred and four items on our raffle list, and in the span of just over two weeks, we raised US$78,898 (that’s about AUD85,154) in support of the UN World Food Program. That’s in a year when most of the rest of the world (asides from Australia) is in recession. Not bad at all. And none of these would be possible without […]


Survival guide to eating alfresco

Outdoor dining has its perils but picnicking can be a great social leveller, writes Ed Charles. VICTORIANS love to gamble. And when the horses are out to pasture and cricket at the MCG is a distant memory, there’s nothing better than a side bet on a picnic. On the face of it, picnics are a one-sided bet vulnerable to Victoria’s erratic weather – not to mention attacks from ants, flies and European wasps. Plus some goof like me will splash […]

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Thai master David Thompson in conversation

One of the most exciting chefs to be in town for the Sydney International Food Festival was the witty and erudite David Thompson. If you aren’t familiar with Thompson, the caffeine-fuelled chef is the father of Thai food in Australia and one of the main reasons that Sydneysiders have a taste for good spicy Thai food rather than creamy bland green curries. He is consultant to the one Michelin star Namh in london and is about to move to Thailand […]


Word to the wise on vinous sins

With a little imagination, a less than wonderful bottle can be given an impressive makeover, writes Ed Charles. NOW the party season is over, it’s time to count the leftovers as well as the empties. If you have so-called friends like mine you’ll be wondering what to do with all those crappy bottles of wine left behind – the same ones you left at their places the previous summer. With interest rates on the rise and economists yet to decide […]