Month: February 2010

Food blogs

Enter the food blogger photo exhibition, sponsored by SBS Food

Cocktails at Der Raum I haven’t been posting because I’ve been busy trying to pull together a few sponsors for the Food Bloggers’ Conference and finally have pulled the last big one in. And it is great news. SBS Food has come onboard to sponsor/partner a one week photo exhibition of food and drink bloggers’ photos to kick off on Sunday March 21. SBS joins our other sponsors The Essential Ingredient, which is providing the daytime venue and coffee roaster, […]


Unsung Hero: Tripe

Tripe is controversial. Let’s face it, there’s no hiding the fact that it’s one of the four stomachs found in a cow. And stinks. Its strange looks, pale color and texture aren’t for everyone. Basically, it’s ugly to say the least. And many of us will have been scarred by poorly prepared tripe from our distant youth. The Abomasum or Reed tripe is rarely eaten as it contains a lot of glandular material. But the smooth and flat Rumen tripe, […]



As his latest ode to Thai food walks off the shelves, David Thompson talks to SBS Food about the evolution of Thai cooking in Australia. If you want to eat Thai food in Australia the place to do it has traditionally been Sydney. For a sit down meal you’ll find the food even better than Thailand where the best food is really served on the streets and in people’s home’s rather than restaurants. But now there is evidence of excellent […]

Food blogs

What makes an award winning food blog?

A While back Stewart White from the The Food Media Club, which is renaming itself Australian Association of Food Professionals, called me to talk about launching an award for food blogs as an addition to the Food Media Club Awards. And finally he’s made it happen with the sponsorship of Australian Pork, and I attended the last a few weeks back to a packed house of mostly Sydney bloggers. Initially, I was skeptical. For as long as anyone can remember […]


Demystifying Beef

Do you know the difference between grain- and grass-fed beef? Is organic beef better? And what about how the animal is killed? Read on to find out what it all means. The range of meat supermarkets today is bewildering. At an upmarket Coles in Melbourne it is difficult to know what steak to buy let alone mince, with six different types costing from $9.50/kg for three star up to $12/kg for five star and premium veal mince and $15/kg for […]


No, I’m not involved with Golden Plates Awards

I was surprised when I received an email from Pam Jewson asking me to suggest people who might like to be judges for the Golden Plate Awards as we have history. I didn’t reply. I was even more surprised to hear from somebody who had been contacted who said the Golden Plate Awards were using my name in association with this scheme – especially as I gave evidence against them at Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT) on behalf of […]