Month: April 2010


In Conversation with Chez Pim

Pim Techamuanvivit, one of the most famous food blogger in the world, was in Melbourne for the Food and Wine Festival last month and she had one thing on her mind: an Aussie pie. Not just any old bakery pie but the best. And I helped her find it at the Middle Park Hotel; it was a belted Galloway, slow cooked in white rabbit ale and with a ring of bone stuffed with marrow poking out the centre. It was […]

restaurant bookings

New service: You can book restaurants here now

Jackie from Eating with Jack remembers when she first met me. She was front of house at Mrs Jones in Carlton maybe five or six years back and I wasn’t in the reservations book. Being a pro she managed to squeeze us in. She later told me that’s often what happens when a chef or kitchen hand answers the phone. It’s a problem, more common than you’d imagine. Luckily, I’ve mostly been accommodated when bookings have gone astray but it […]