Month: August 2010


Offline the key to online sales: Digital Camera Warehouse

AUSTRALIAN online retailers are learning that the key to online sales success is to expand their brands offline into bricks and mortar. Insightful statistics gained online make the decision a no-brainer. “Australia is a backwater when it comes to online shopping,” dStore chief executive and local pioneer in online shopping Andrew Cooper says. He says the main reasons are that high-street merchants have not gone online and because global online retailers put the relatively small Australian market at the end […]

Eat streets

How to survive Taste of Melbourne 2010

There are plenty of people out there giving uncritical coverage of big food events. But few really guide you on how to get the most out of them. Last year I tried to answer the question on whether or not it is worth bothering with Taste of Melbourne from 23 to 29 August (read the comments too), based on the fact that it is a big money making event. Taste of Melbourne is better than the Good Food and Wine […]