Month: September 2010


Supersizing Sue Perkins

Sue Perkins has drunk human breast milk. She’s even squirted goats milk from the teet into her mouth. But nothing quite prepared her for eating udder in the first series of Supersizers Go. And yet now she and British journalist and restaurant critic Giles Coren (famous for his stinging emails to newspaper sub-editors who have changed his work) are back to eat more unappetising animal parts in series two of their popular Supersizers series, Supersizers Go. The show’s inspiration was […]


Marketing online: keep it open source

FOR Sabino Matera the goal was to have the Quoco website up and running for the Taste of Sydney event last March where he had paid to have a stand to display food products imported from Puglia in Italy. But despite having a background in writing code in the information technology industry, Matera found he was tripped up at every step in getting his website up and running for the launch, with the designers eventually missing his all important deadlines. […]


Firms must be all ears using social media: online reviews

SOME companies understand social media and how to deal with negative comments about their businesses. But most small and medium-sized firms prefer to ignore the comments rather than deal with the problem head-on, as Mocks founder Lara Solomon has. Last year Solomon decided to swap PR for social media as the main marketing method for her business, which sells sock-like mobile phone covers in Australia, Britain and the US. She focused on a Facebook page but didn’t anticipate the full […]

Drinks, Wine

Wine? It’s natural even for you

Voice of the People at The Melbourne Wine Room. Try it. Wine, most of us drink it. Some of us love it. But many of us are intimidated by it, or the wankery that comes with labels, hundreds of grape varieties and the language of the wine critic. All we know is that we like that particular red or white while slumped on the sofa watching TV and we wouldn’t mind drinking something similar down the pub. Or wine bar. […]