Month: November 2011


A griddle to die for

When I arrived in my flat nearly a year ago, I brought only half a kitchen with me and had many essentials missing. I’ve been limping along with a cheffy frying pan that needs replacing and no griddle. But the early arrival of zucchinis at my plot in the Mater St Community Garden meant that I had an urgent need for a griddle before I was overwhelmed by monster vegetables. The thing is I’m in early negotiations with a sponsor […]

Eat streets, Restaurants

Gorski and Jones woodfires Smith St

There’s no website. Or Twitter account. Or any effort in marketing the newest spot on the Collingwood side of Smith St, Gorski and Jones, which is next door but one to Cavellero. Yet G&J place is packed with good reason. The place looks fantastic and their short menu of food and drinks is good. Very good. It’s brought to us by the people behind Brunswick St Alimentari – “The Deli” – and a keen fan. The music is booming and […]


Inside the Paul Wilson Twitter spat

This blog is unprofessional, according to the person behind chef Paul Wilson’s Twitter account – whether it is Paul himself or his wife Bec. I’ve asked for an apology but they have chosen to ignore the request. And now I’m telling this story which encompasses how people fuck-up on Twitter, ethics and how and why reviews here are written. So what happened? Well, I published a story about two Prahan pubs Morris Jones and The Smith that was unintentionally inaccurate […]


How to taste an oyster

There are only two main species of Oysters that we find ourselves gobbling in Australia, the flat and the cup-shaped. This week at the Oysters and sake event I organised with Andre from Kumo and Adriane Strampp as part of the Fringe Food Festival we had 13 varieties including from (Tasmania) Blackmans Bay, Saint Helens, Pipe Clay Lagoon, Dunalley; (South Australian) Coffin Bay, Streaky Bay, Kangaroo Island, Smoky Bay, Thevenard (Ceduna); and (New South Wales) Wallis Lakes and Tweed Heads. […]

Chapel St, Prahran/South Yarra, Restaurants

The Smith vs Morris Jones

Here’s what should happen. Somebody should take Michael Lambie, owner of The Smith in Prahran, and stuff him into Morris Jones, the other brand new, nearby pub on Chapel Street in Prahan. I love the Byron George fitout of the former 1887 department store that is MJ and the passion and energy that owner Hayden Burbank, a restaurant novice, has put into executing the design from distressing the walls to his brilliant, affordable living wall of greenery. What I’m not […]

Eat streets

Chai to die for

I‘m sent a lot of stuff. In the past few weeks alone, two cookbooks, a bottle of whisky, beer x 2, prawns, wine, magazines and more. Dealing with the packaging alone is a pain as I don’t own an industrial compactor and only have a small recycling bin. But out of all the guff, I was very happy with Prana Chai, something I first tasted way back at Dr Jekyll in St Kilda. Most chai comes as a dry and […]


Wellies on Gertrude St

Boulcott St Bistro: very French in influence There’s some wholesome about New Zealand, Wellington in particular with its clean air, nuclear free environment and the healthy, cheerful population. Even the local tourism body, who flew me over, is called Positively Wellington. Luckily on my 48 hours in the city I managed to find the only misantropic drinking hole, Hawthorn, where technology and phones are frowned upon. Somehow we settled in and escaped around 4am with a mostly full bottle of […]

Books, Chefs

Why I love The Family Meal

We don’t see much innovation in cookbooks nowadays but The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria is as you’d expect from one of the world’s most innovative chefs. What most people don’t realise is that most book publishers don’t test their recipes properly. Yes, the chefs and celebrities that write them actually cook the dishes sometimes even in their home kitchens. But a recipe tester using crappy basic cookers and bog standard equipment aren’t used. It keeps the price […]