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40 exclusive minutes with Heston Blumenthal

With thanks to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. It’s 3.50 on a Friday afternoon. I’ve just finished a great meal cooked by Scott Pickett at The Point in Albert Park and his mentor the brilliant Phil Howard from Two Michelin star The Square in London as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. I can’t get a taxi to take me to The Langham where I’m interviewing possibly the most important chef in the world Heston Blumenthal who […]


Evelyn Waugh: best ever food writer?

[youtube:] Watching the trailer for the latest adaptation of Brideshead Revisited doesn’t bode well for the film of one the Top 100 books I’ve ever read. The definitive adaptation is Granada’s TV’s 11 part series released in 1982, which is surprisingly faithful to Evelyn Waugh’s book. That series was incredibly popular. At university even my biker friends who lived like The Young Ones, with motorcycle engines in the shower and the stair rods removed with a geology hammer, became foppish; […]

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Empire kebab

[youtube: 350 292]Where: Lambs, 98 -100 Lygon St Carlton Vic, 3053 +61 3 9663 5636 How was it: great When:After Factory Woman. Sienna Miller is excellent as Edie Sedgewick. Guy Pearce is too good looking to play Andy Warhol but is weird and camp enough. Think Felicia Jollygoodfellow. What else: Roast chicken and other stories by Simon Hopkinson. $9.95 Readings, 309 Lygon St, Melbourne +61 3 9347 6633

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The chocolate I want, knew and now know

Β [youtube:]The chocolate I wantThe Granada Chocolate Company is a must visit. If you can’t make the trip check out the above or just buy the chocolate.This is a producer that is better than fairtrade and claims to own the smallest chocolate factory in the world. It is owned by a cooperative which also processes the cocoa into chocolate rather than only grow it.Fairtrade producers simply sell at a higher price with the profits often going to large landowners. Apparently, the […]