Month: February 2009

Drinks, Wine

11 reasons to avoid Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc

Not sauvignon blanc grapes Some say that the grapes are trodden by the feet of hobbits. Others that it is simply made with their pee. What can’t be explained what magic has been invoked to make a New Zealand wine has become the most popular quaff of the Aussie – Oyster Bay sauvignon blanc from the Marlborough region. Marlborough sauvignon blanc is becoming more popular by the day. In 2008 sales increased by 52.3% in 2008 and 143% in the […]

Food blogs

Food media and bloggers drawn to twitter

Remember the days when continually old media bagged food bloggers? The same thing isn’t happening with Twitter, a cross between texting and direct messaging – in a way a microblog. Could it be – to the media at least – that Twitter is the acceptable face of social media? Or is it because Twitter is so simple to use that it is really easy to understand? If you haven’t used it, the idea is you post a 140 character message […]


Love poems. For cannibals or vegetarians

I love you he said with his tongue in her cheek Adrian Henri Perhaps you don’t love me at all, but at least you sew the buttons on my coat which is more than my wife does. Adrian Henri There are fascists there are fascists pretending to be humanitarians like cannibals on a health kick eating only vegetarians Roger McGough Vegetarians Vegetarians are cruel, unthinking people. Everybody knows that a carrot screams when grated. That a peach bleeds when torn […]

Eat streets, Restaurants

Robin Wickens’ new gig, new Movida and more news

Wickens at the stove at Interlude. One of the big disappointments last year was the closing of Robin Wickens two hat restaurant Interlude after its owner Apples and Pears decided it wasn’t viable (although the company is opening another restaurant on Vue de Monde’s doorstep). The good news is that Wickens’, a friend to bloggers, food is back on the menu although by the sounds of it toned down when next week he starts his new gig at The Deanery, […]

Drinks, India, Wine

Indian wine whine

Wine with Indian food? Even seasoned food writers seem to think you can’t eat anything spicy – let’s call it curry – without an ice cold glass of lager. Certainly normal punters think it’s laughable. Last year in my mum’s Indian local, out of 150 curry munchers only myself and a blond hairdresser were spotted with a glass of wine, white dare I say. The problem in India is that wine is expensive. Actually that’s not the only problem – […]


Sites for sore eyes

From The Weekend Australian: Travel and Indulgence Ed Charles sorts the wheat from the chaff in the wide world of food websites. Harold McGee: Not everybody wants to know how to cook an octopus. But many of us want to know the difference between cheap frying pans and expensive ones, how and what to cook in a microwave and why cool-climate Victorian shiraz smells of pepper. McGee, author of the brilliant On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of […]


Dosai, goats and not everything that you want to know about India

We’ve traveled and eaten from the Bay of Bengal on the east to the Arabian Sea on the west. We’ve encountered slow internet connections, outdated browsers and dodgy mice which is why I haven’t updated since Chennai (Madras), where we first tasted how fragrant Indian food can be when made with freshly ground local spices and plenty of curry leaves. There is so much I want to tell you but there is only one thing you sickos want to know […]


Profiting from piracy

From In The Black: In the trenches The likes of actor Johnny Depp, with plenty of help from Hollywood, have in recent times romanticised the image of pirates and privateers. There he was charging about as Jack Sparrow in the blockbuster movie Pirates of the Caribbean, causing many a swoon and coining around US$2.7 billion worldwide at the box office. However, truth can be much stranger than fiction. According to some leading academics, pirates and privateers were not only very […]