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Indian wine whine

Wine with Indian food? Even seasoned food writers seem to think you can’t eat anything spicy – let’s call it curry – without an ice cold glass of lager. Certainly normal punters think it’s laughable. Last year in my mum’s Indian local, out of 150 curry munchers only myself and a blond hairdresser were spotted with a glass of wine, white dare I say. The problem in India is that wine is expensive. Actually that’s not the only problem – […]


Dosai, goats and not everything that you want to know about India

We’ve traveled and eaten from the Bay of Bengal on the east to the Arabian Sea on the west. We’ve encountered slow internet connections, outdated browsers and dodgy mice which is why I haven’t updated since Chennai (Madras), where we first tasted how fragrant Indian food can be when made with freshly ground local spices and plenty of curry leaves. There is so much I want to tell you but there is only one thing you sickos want to know […]


Honking and peeping: welcome to Chennai

[youtube:] It’s winter in Chennai or Madras as it was called. That means it is warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt and the heat won’t kill you. But the taxi and auto rickshaw drivers may and that’s just touting for your business. Among the chaos of bodies scrambling to pick-up their arrivals horns parp. And parp. And honk. Then some more peeps as we enter the traffic jam known as the car park to our taxi, a chunky old […]