Month: July 2009

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Attica’s Shewry evolves again

Cam Whiteoak on test tube: Attica, 74 Glen Eira Road, Ripponlea +61 3 9530 0111. Check out the full Attica photo set here Moan. It’s the room. Reviewers keep deducting points for the room at Attica. True, it is plain. But look at it this way, chef Ben Shewry gets to do what he does at an affordable price because they haven’t paid some A-list restaurant designer to completely redo the place. Personally, I don’t mind the room. What we […]

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Raymond Capaldi’s Scandinavian flower pots take Matteos

Smoked quail eggs Tonight was the last of Ray Capaldi’s European vacation series of $60 dinners at Matteo’s – 533 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy North 3068 (03) 9481 1177. What a night, a salute to Scandinavia and Copenhagen’s Rene Redzepi who now runs the third best restaurant in the world. What is special about the food from Redzepi’s restaurant Noma is that it all comes from Scandinavia. That means no olive oil, no foie gras and no French cheese. Apparently prior […]

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I’m not embarrassed to say I like the veggies at Carlton’s Embrasse.

Embrasse, 312 Drummond St, Carlton, Vic 3053 (+61 3 9347 3312) you can check out my full photostream for Embrasse on Flickr here. Me and 312 Drummond St, we’ve got history. Maybe it’s something to do with Carlton. First a misplaced booking at Mrs Jones professionally sorted out by Jackie when she was front of house. The dinner on a shared table was fun but the cold fish wasn’t. Then upstairs as Three, One, Two. A fortnight between courses, a […]

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Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Melbourne

You don’t have to know much about Anthony Bourdain to know he loves Melbourne. He was back earlier this year guided around town – and down to the Royal Mail Hotel – by Matt Preston, Tony Tan and Paul Wilson. Here are the Youtube clips from what was show recently in the US. [youtube:] Part one: Paul Wilson while he was at the Half Moon in Brighton. [youtube:] Part two: Playing Trugo with Matt Preston and kebabs on Sydney Rd […]

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Vietnamese BBQ winners

Finally we have winners of Vietnamese BBQs. In true Vietnamese style I shall try and pile all ten on to my bicycle and deliver them across town, assuming it’s good weather and my legs don’t give out. Oh, hell some may have to go by car. I still have a couple to give away but here the first winners (Simply post a recipe on your blog, twitter or comments): Thermomix As I mentioned I still have memories of Cha Ca […]

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Miss Jackson, I think I like you

Miss Jackson, 2/19 Grey St, St Kilda 3182 (+61 39534 8415) Afficionadas of St Kilda cafes and coffee know there are few decent ones to be found nowadays on the main drags. But there is still quality to be found dotted around the edges with the likes of Inker7 on Inkerman St, relative newcomer Nineteen Squares on Blessington St and the newish Miss Jackson. Not Steve Kovacks at Miss Jackson Steve Kovacks, a familiar face from the Birdcage for those […]

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Journal Canteen: eating and drinking out of our discontent

It’s a little know fact that Journal Canteen – or Rosa’s Kitchen as the hidden neon sign on the first floor of the Centre for Adult Education (CAE) Building on Flinders Lane says – is now open on Friday nights. Up until I discovered that, I had only ever eaten lunch – for which bookings aren’t taken – there. For you to discover it, enter the Centre for Adult Education (1st floor, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne +61 3 9650 4399), […]

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Melbourne’s top food and drink blogs

Today it is four years since I started this blog and decided to update my list of the top food and drink bloggers in Melbourne. Out of the 80 or so I listed two years ago about 46 survive. The others have either moved interstate or abroad or just stopped. The list here is any blog that has updated in the past six months. I’ve also included some commercial food and wine blogs. I’m certain that some blogs have been […]

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What really made you sick last night

[youtube:] Restaurants are defensive of their hygene in the same way that newspapers are defensive of the accuracy of their reporting. Phone up and complain and the last thing either will do is admit liability. And nowadays when people are treated shabbily they turn to the internet. Or me. What surprises me is the number of emails and comments that come my way from diners who’ve returned home from some of Australia’s top restaurants only to fall ill. I have […]