Month: March 2011

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My favourite deli by any other name

Try anything. It’s all good at the “deli” If it is a recommendation, according to Foursquare, I’ve checked in to Brunswick Street Alimentari 62 times in its recent memory. Located on the corner of Brunswick and Greeves Streets in Fitzroy and labelled simply the Deli or delicatessen, it first became my local simply because A’s studio is opposite. It’s got a real buzz to it with it’s mixed clientele of local celebrities (Eddie Perfect for one), personalities, artists, hipsters and […]

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The Atlantic storms into Crown with Cooke

Through the fishnet, Southbank at sunset. For a country girt by sea, how few really great fish restaurants are there in Australia, let alone Melbourne? Come to think of it how few fish restaurants are there at all, beyond fish and chip shops? Bacash in South Yarra is famous for fish. As is Esposito in Carlton, it’s baby sister St Peter’s and the Albert Park Hotel and all are worth the detour. Donovan Cooke barking orders at the pass. Then […]

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Little Press and the mini wagyu burger

Mikro Bifteki – the $7 mini wagyu burger It’s the sort of thing we all say: “I’ll meet you at Movida Next Door at 6.30.” Of course, you can’t squeeze in without a 40 minute wait. And Movida itself is full. And an ill-tempered waitress at Coda inevitably tells you to F-ck off. Next time, try dropping into The Little Press & Cellar (listen out for really annoying music) for a couple of drinks and a few nibbles. The staff […]

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Yak: the best artisan pasta in town

Bread Maltagliati with prawns, fennel, saffron, tomato and white wine. Unless you like swilling Asahi all evening after work, or hang out on the first Tuesday every month with poets, you wouldn’t bother with Yak Bar. Despite it’s excellent location in the heart of Melbourne theatre district on the corner of Flinders Lane and Russell Street opposite the Grand Hyatt it’s a place I once walked past and ignored. But now that has all changed with The Grand Hotel’s head […]

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Bompas and Parr’s art of jelly

Meet the jellymongers, Sam Bompas and Harry Parr. The old Eton College pals have taken the UK party scene by storm with their flamboyant jellies, bow ties and jelly-stained trousers. Whether it’s flooding the ground floor of a stately home to make a giant cocktail navigable only by boat, or inspiring the world’s top architects to make jelly, the jellymongers recently also enchanted Melbourne with their brightly coloured, often alcoholic, and very wobbly creations. They whipped up funeral jellies for […]


Simple beetroot, carrot and goats cheese salad

A salad fit for @tammois’ pagan house burning tonight. One of the secrets of good cooking is to know how to pack flavour into a dish. In the bad old days of my childhood the school dinner lady boiled the crap out of beetroot and doused it in some kind of industrial vinegar. Needless to say I hated this particular root vegetable. But now I’ve come to love it. First, I don’t cook it but roast the beet, which concentrates […]

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Everything you wanted to know about coffee (but were afraid to ask your hipster barista) part 1

New on the block – the “magic” at Proud Mary. Check out part two of this post. It’s complicated now ordering a coffee. No sooner do you think you have a grip on all the current vogue brewing methods and another one lands on the scene. In my case the latest ones to enter my vocabulary it’s the Trifecta (coming soon) and the Magic (see definitions below). No longer are the options just espresso-based but there a plethora of new […]

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The Point: old vs new

Old: Poached egg, white polenta and black truffle It’s a nice idea. Pit the old school talent of your executive chef versus the new technique-led talent of a young chef. Tonight it was at The Point pitting the old school butter soaked technique of executive chef Scott Pickett versus Ryan Flaherty who has worked at Arzak, El Bulli, The Fat Duck and a few other avante garde style restaurants. New: 63c egg, blackened corn and jamon Winner: Old: Poached egg, […]

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Defining Irish fare

It’s butter. Rich creamy butter, the product of Ireland’s rich emerald green pastures, that excites Rachel Allen, the woman who put Irish cooking back on the map, and who recently visited Australia as part of the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival. “I always come back to dairy.” says the TV chef, cookbook author and champion of local artisan produce. “I love our butter. I love our cream.” Then there’s the seasonal foods. “That meal, the last of asparagus, the first […]