Month: July 2012


Save Epicure. Or build something new?

The food and drink business has a love hate relationship with its media. They are either moaning that newspaper sections and magazines don’t write about them. Or when they do they get it wrong. Then there is the thorny issue of critics, the journalists that probably get the most stick for not rating restaurants (or anything subject to critique) quite as highly as the owners would like. When I started my own food magazine Tomato (which became this blog) eight […]

kitchen renovation

Refining my kitchen design

Do you ever change your mind? My problem is that every time I see another kitchen it gives me an idea for my current one. These drawings and scribblings were refinements I made with Chelsea Hing, my designer, to another option for my kitchen design. Basically it’s a minor variation on my current kitchen in that it moves the fridge from my free standing bench and puts it against the wall. The sink remains facing the outer wall and the […]


Follow the McConnell brothers’ golden trail

View The McConnell trail in a larger map It’s no secret I hate progressive dinners. Although all to often post dinner I find myself and a few pals progressive drinking. But my regular trips from Collingwood to St Kilda and back has taken me on the newly trodden McConnell trail, taking on the new eateries from brother Andrew, Matt and cousin Jason. It makes me wonder if there are possible anymore culinary wunderkinds to come out of this family’s kitchens? […]