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Follow the renovation of Ed’s kitchen. Designed by Chelsea Hing.

kitchen renovation

Refining my kitchen design

Do you ever change your mind? My problem is that every time I see another kitchen it gives me an idea for my current one. These drawings and scribblings were refinements I made with Chelsea Hing, my designer, to another option for my kitchen design. Basically it’s a minor variation on my current kitchen in that it moves the fridge from my free standing bench and puts it against the wall. The sink remains facing the outer wall and the […]

kitchen renovation

First draft of the kitchen design

There’s been a lot of thinking about the new kitchen design. Chelsea Hing has visited my place and measured it up. But that hasn’t stopped me remeasuring it up every few days, pacing around and thinking up ideas. Oh, and boring friends silly on the them of my proposed new kitchen. I’ve passed a few ideas onto Chelsea and this is the amazing look she has come up with, which was a big surprise. First off she proposes we raise […]

kitchen renovation

I need a new kitchen

Need perhaps is a very strong word. My current kitchen is adequate but also has some serious failings as I like to cook and entertain. Lots. Naturally I’ve started boring my friends about this until finally my mate James introduced me to Chelsea Hing to come up with a new design. My plan I pitched to Chelsea is that I write about the process of designing, our inspiration, selecting appliances and finishes, and building a new kitchen in excruciating detail […]

kitchen renovation

Designer kitchen on a budget

Photography: Christina Simons My kitchen was about a big suck. At least I didn’t have much of a suck and I wanted a big one.We were forced to revamp it after a so-called friend managed to flood the house. I’d long been railing again our mushroom coloured units, specified by the previous owner and colour matched to some German automobile. I’d also been pissed-off about the extractor fan, which actually only recirculated through the ceiling. It meant that if I […]