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Final call for entries

Some more entries have gone up in the DMBLGIT picture gallery today and, given Ed’s traveller status, we’ve decided to extend the competition deadline, so there’s a couple more days for bloggers to send in photos. Last chance – send us your entries by Wednesday April 26th! Or thereabouts…

Baking, Easter, Melbourne

Hot and cross, yes. Buns? Not so sure…

Now that you’ve been exposed to my technical ‘skills’, it may not be surprising to learn that my hot cross buns were lacking something, too. I followed a recipe that I downloaded from the internet – probably my first mistake! – and while they turned out perfectly edible, they had a texture more akin to a scone than a bun. Everything started out nicely enough, although I was apprehensive about using copha, or vegetable shortening, as I associate that stuff […]


Resuming normal service

Ok, it seems all is ok with the DMBLGIT picutre gallery now – but please let me know if you have any difficulties veiwing the entries via the link at the top left. I’ve uploaded a few more entries this morning… keep them coming!


Does My Blog Look Good In This: update

Hello. Kylie here, doing a spot of guest blogging while Ed eats his way across ‘Nam. I’ve uploaded some more DMBLGIT entries today, and there are more to come. In the next day or so I’m also going to attempt to make hot cross buns, which should be a challenge as I suffer from Renter’s Kitchen – I asked my landlord recently for a replacement door for the grill on my oven, but apparently they stopped making the Metters Cook […]