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A perfect match for sherry

When Heston Blumenthal, one of the world’s most recognised chefs, starts to recommend sherry as the ideal match to food, it’s time to stand-up and reassess this fortified wine. In Australia, we have a ready supply of imported sherries, but also locally made wines in the sherry style. These are now called “apera”, a branding invented because Australia needed a new term for sherry after the signing of the international wine agreement, which outlaws outside countries from naming their products […]

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Forget the grannies, drink sherry

Poor sherry – It’s had a bad time really. Generations of drinkers, including myself have mistakenly dismissed sherry as dry, spirity and wholly unpleasant or as a sickly sweet Granny’s drink. But a sherry revolution is upon us. Haven’t you noticed them creeping into the Aperitif and Fortified Wine sections on the wine list in your favourite restaurant? Don’t be afraid. Try some. Some sherries are light and dry, but others are surprisingly rich, raisiny, and unctuous and on the […]