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Matcha Milk Bar St Kilda burger
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Matcha Mylkbar gives St Kilda the green finger

There’s a new trend in restaurants and cafes. Design it for Instagram sharability. Pidapipo on Chapel Street has done a reasonable job strategically placing its neon so it can be photographed with Hawker Hall’s neon in the background. Match Mylkbar takes it to the extreme, from the neon green finger in its window to… well pretty much everything about the place. The lattes come in all colours of the rainbow from regular to mushroom, pink (beetroot), green (matcha) an golden […]

The house of crabs st kilda
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When you have crabs…

The irony. Once famed for its Tits ‘n Snitz, the Newmarket Hotel has a new buzzing addition to its basement, The House of Crabs. The new owners of the venue, The Dixon Group, have taken a once slick but barely visited venue and nailed a few planks to the six degrees design, added some cheap backlit menus and a sun umbrella. And it works.

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Kwan’s table – Thai cafe on Inkerman St

Once upon a time people blogged. And they met up. So here I am eating with Kenny from the west and the blog Consider the Sauce to chew on blogging, social media and the food of Kwan’s Table. Kwan’s is bright and contemporary replacement to Inkr7, a once popular cafe on this corner on Inkerman Street. The food is here is pretty good though not as hot or spiced as you’d find in many Thai restaurants. But the ingredients are […]

Dog's Bar
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What next for St Kilda and the Dog’s Bar?

Has St Kilda lost its mojo as a destination or has the rest of Melbourne caught up? As I write this the Dog’s Bar is ten minutes from re-opening (at 4pm October 2 2014) under a new manager and what was Slow Down at Harley Court is now The Nelson, a cool looking rum bar, that opens on October 17 at 4pm I see the story of St Kilda’s decline and potential for rejuvenation as the story of the Dogs […]

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Acland St Cantina’s Mexican food in 30 minutes

Me: Where’s the rosé come from? Waiter: Australia. Me: Where in Australia? Waiter: Somewhere in the south west I think. The staff are young, friendly and helpful at the Acland St Cantina, the latest outpost of the Melbourne Pub Group in the basement of what was once the Prince Wine Store and Mink cocktail bar. There’s no complaints there. Some of them even speak a second language – English – and as noted by @winebybrad on Twitter can even narrow […]

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A Mexican Table fights for Fitzroy St

There I am, sitting opposite someone who has had more botox than expected and a smooth, smooth forehead. It’s the polar opposite to the chef to my left who has the hairline of Mel Gibson, the intensity of Russell Crowe and a brow so furrowed with concentration that it makes Gordon Ramsay look baby-faced. We’re in the St Kilda combat zone of Fitzroy Street, defined on the North by Grey St and the South by Acland St. It’s not a […]

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Golden Fields lobster rolls for ever

I‘m obsessed. All I can think of is the lobster roll, or to be precise the “New England lobster roll, hot buttered bun, cold poached crayfish, watercress & Kewpie”. The bread roll, which comes from a Chinese bakery and is friend in butter is soft and sweet. The lobster is doused in japanese mayonnaise (which is better than American mayonnaise). Diced shallots bring bite and flavour. At $15 it’s better than any burger and constructed well, which means that nothing […]

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Book now: Food bloggers to prove they can cook

The time has come for Melbourne food bloggers to prove they can cook in a special once-only dinner that is not for the food intolerant at Miss Jackson in St Kilda. Anchovies, tongue, pork, gin and strawberries are all on the menu. Some come and join me Penny (whose idea this was), Billy, Jess and Matt for what promises to be a big and interesting night. Where: Miss Jackson, 2/19 Grey Street St. Kilda (enter via Jackson Street) When: 6.30pm […]

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Miss Jackson, I think I like you

Miss Jackson, 2/19 Grey St, St Kilda 3182 (+61 39534 8415) Afficionadas of St Kilda cafes and coffee know there are few decent ones to be found nowadays on the main drags. But there is still quality to be found dotted around the edges with the likes of Inker7 on Inkerman St, relative newcomer Nineteen Squares on Blessington St and the newish Miss Jackson. Not Steve Kovacks at Miss Jackson Steve Kovacks, a familiar face from the Birdcage for those […]