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Restaurant and Catering on social media

If you were at my talk at Restaurant and Catering last week, I’ve published my ideas on social media on my Tomato Media Facebook Page here, including a short presentation that the talk was based on and some links to resources. There are also some useful links in the presentation.

Diary of a food festival: day 3

Saturday 0830 Attend Barbeque Madness at Sydney Morning Herald Grower’s Market at Pyrmont Park. Join David Tanis of the legendary Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley, California, and a stellar line up of 10 Sydney chefs including Kylie Kwong. Sessions are held every half an hour.
 We all stumble down to breakfast about 10ish before stumbling on to the BBQ. It’s all pretty chaotic but we get our seared meat just as they start packing-up around us. I take a look […]

Diary of a food festival: day two

View from the Steyne Hotel. Not bad eh? Enjoy breakfast in Cafe Opera, Level 1. Breakfast is available from 6:30am -10:30am daily.

 As a hotel breakfast it ain’t bad. Passable (just) scrambled eggs but best of all streaky bacon and decent sausages. A highlight is the honeycomb, yoghurt and fruit. Nice filter coffee. 0845 Meet with your Destination NSW host Lauren Zoneff and make your way on to the Harbour Master Steps for your Manly Fast Ferry. 

 Myself, Kerry […]

Diary of a food festival: Day one

1540: Flight DJ849 arrives into Sydney Meet your Astra Limousines driver for your transfer to the InterContinental Sydney. Delays! The storms in Melbourne means that I don’t arrive until after 5pm for a drinks party at 6pm. 1800: Meet Destination NSW in the lobby of the hotel for transfer to the Hilton Hotel for the Crave Sydney International Food Festival Official Launch Party I meet David Lebovitz in reception together with Helen from Grab your fork and Chocolate Suze and […]

The Brix: A taste of Paris in Fitzroy

Even though, the windows were covered and it hadn’t opened, I immediately liked the look of The Brix from the Moooi Pig Table to the Gerard O’Connor photo ( somewhere between an Earl Carter and a Marian Drew) and the chefs who possess enough tattoos to put a Russian prison to shame. The idea behind The Brix is a modern day French bistro, modelled on Le Chateaubriand in Paris, which in four years has gone to being one of the […]

Q&A: Will you support Bread for Good?

Q: Hope you’re having a great Tuesday. I’m a big fan of your blog and just wanted to get in touch about an upcoming campaign you may be interested in. As part of Good Food Month, The Age and Sydney Morning Herald are encouraging restaurants to help make a difference for children affected by the famine in East Africa through the Bread for Good project. I’ve posted some more details below and you can also find out more at […]

Check the Vue at Lui Bar

The view alone is worth it at the new Vue de Monde. Photo: Adriane Strampp In case you hadn’t heard,Lui Bar at Shannon Bennett’s new Vue de Monde at the top of The Rialto is open to all comers. And it is not only worth it for the drinks but the vue (view geddit?) of the traffic streaming through Melbourne at night. The attention to detail and the levels of service at Lui Bar are unmatched in Australia. First you […]

Gourmet Traveller vs the people

What crazy things restaurant rankings are, eh? A small group of the same old people pretty much are the judges for all the local restaurant awards, whether it is Gourmet Traveller, which announced its Sydney-centric version this week, or The Age, which is next week. It’s a mad mad mad world when you factor in the user generated rankings from Urbanspoon, with the real winners in the two lists being Frank Camorra and his Movidas and Andrew McConnell with Cutler […]

Cheese is about to get a lot more tasty

Which of the above cheese aren’t you allowed to eat? If they were made from raw milk then none. But if proposals put forward by Food Standards ANZ (FANZ) go through only the hard and semi hard cheeses. And you won’t be able to buy (legally) raw milk altogether. The world is divided as to whether unpasteurized milk products are dangerous or not because all sorts of allegedly nasty bugs live in it. Really though it isn’t necessarily a problem […]

Oysters, ethics and stout

Oysters, once the food of the people. Now if you are interested in various different varieties you’ll be paying up to $4 in restaurants.That’s nearly $50 for a dozen and in my opinion too much. I want to eat them but can’t afford to pay that much.So I will often will buy them at one of Melbourne’s markets (pre-shucked if I’m feeling lazy) for about $1 each. The fact is that unless you are a cashed-up hedge fund manager the […]