Month: January 2011

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In for a gram…in for a pound

I think Gram magazine is quite nice looking. But as a concept it is utter crap. It’s a lazy way to use other people’s content to make money out of advertising. In short it summarises blog posts and then links back to the blog but without asking permission to use content. It did send out emails which detailed that bloggers had to opt out if they didn’t want their content used (which I did through several email exchanges). It is […]

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Davos: businesses exposed by social media

From today’s Australian: “And Davos confirmed that the Facebook social networking and mobile technology revolutions were now a priority agenda item for Australian business leaders extending from retailing (Mr Goyder) and banking (Mrs Kelly) to construction (Mr King) and business services (Ms Walker).” Westpac CEO Gail Kelly said that social media meant that “business was more exposed to issues being magnified and accelerated at digital speed”. “There are big implications for the way you manage media and marketing, the way […]


Robbie Burns Day

There are many jokes about the Scots, kilts and Robbie Burns Night. Some say Burns Night, a tradition which began in the early 1800s, is an excuse to have a piss up and dress up in kilts. But, nowadays, it’s really about poetry (and an excuse to throw on a kilt) and a country’s romance for the poet Robbie – or Rabbie – Burns who was born on the January 25, 1759 and died, prematurely, aged just 37 following dental […]