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How to find your website audience

One of the advantages of helping a few dozen companies on their digital marketing and websites is that we see a lot of numbers. We see the main website traffic sources, the dynamics of who are key influencers and the reality behind the effectiveness of just about everything from emails to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And let’s not forget Pinterest, Linked-in and Snapchat. Or physical events. I recently posted that as businesses we need to use our websites effectively as […]

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What is the role of the website in a social media world?

I’m a member of a stimulating Facebook Group called Social Media and Wine. Recently Andrew Hanigan from Derwent Estate Wines asked a question which is relevant to anyone who has an online presence: So has the role of a Winery website changed with the onset of FB, Twitter, Instagram etc? What should it still contain, what is no longer relevant? Is a well maintained/up to date DIY site enough these days or do I still need an expensive platform? Some […]

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How to create a huge funnel of traffic to your website with a video content bomb

I was introduced to this aggressive SEO idea while attending the Wordcamp conference earlier this year. It’s a 28 minute investment to see the method – with the meat starting around the 4 minute mark. Basically creating impact with content is a numbers game. Whether it’s your own website or a video hosting or social media site it takes lots of content to create a real impact. It’s intense. If you are a small to medium business if you are […]

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A slippery slope for the Good Food Guide

Blogs are a rising trend in search and look like they could overtake the Good Food Guide in popularity. Both are completely overshadowed by Urbanspoon which dominates Google search results in Australia. It’s only recently that The Age and it’s publications such as Good Food have embraced social media and started including links in their stories (although it still loves to troll bloggers and online reviewers). Meanwhile, Urbanspoon, Yelp! and other review sites have been embracing online communities. The chart […]

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Crowd control doesn’t work

The crowd is wild and unpredictable. It always has been. People have always been unpredictable. Some will love you and become customers. Some will despise you. But you can’t control them. And now thanks to social media they have a voice, a voice you can’t control like an ad, direct mail or PR. And as is argued here in the Harvard Business Review your brand isn’t yours anymore. It’s the customers and you may not like what they do with […]

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Why recipes matter in social media

Q: What’s the most competitive area for food on the web? A: recipes. In a week when NineMSN launched its new food portal, the recipe battle online just got fiercer. The competition is for which website has the most rcipes best optimised to be found in Google searches whether it be Taste, Gourmet Traveller, SBS Food or whichever. There’s a reason for this. Recipes mean traffic. People want recipes. The big traffic blogs mostly rely on recipes. Therefore if you […]

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What about monitoring social media?

People always ask about monitoring tools for social media. There are plenty of very expensive solutions out there designed for big brands. But I suspect for many food and drink businesses costs are always going to be an issue simply because many aren’t that big. Luckily some of the best tools are free, although if you do feel inclined to pay for any probably Hootsuite is the best. Some of these tools have the ability to pre assign activity, but […]

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Specifications for a restaurant website

If you want to see what it should look like then visit El Loco in Sydney and check it on your pc and mobile phone. 1. Front page blog like functionality with RSS feed 2. Allow multiple categories in blog with individual RSS feeds. 3. Mailchimp email sign-up form front page in sidebar. Mailchimp takes RSS feed to make email. Email send to Facebook/Twitter. 4. Twitter stream in right hand sidebar 5. Facebook open graph tags on front page so […]