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How to find your website audience

One of the advantages of helping a few dozen companies on their digital marketing and websites is that we see a lot of numbers. We see the main website traffic sources, the dynamics of who are key influencers and the reality behind the effectiveness of just about everything from emails to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And let’s not forget Pinterest, Linked-in and Snapchat. Or physical events. I recently posted that as businesses we need to use our websites effectively as […]

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How to build your digital audience

Recently I was invited in by The Field Institute to talk about building a digital audience. The talk ended with the question: If I was given $5,000 to spend would I put it on: 1. a website 2. a social media strategy 3. photography My surprising answer was photography. The reason being that content is expensive to produce and compelling pictures are the best for engagement across many platforms including blogs, Instagram, Facebook and increasingly Twitter. With $5,000 of photographs […]

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Crowd control doesn’t work

The crowd is wild and unpredictable. It always has been. People have always been unpredictable. Some will love you and become customers. Some will despise you. But you can’t control them. And now thanks to social media they have a voice, a voice you can’t control like an ad, direct mail or PR. And as is argued here in the Harvard Business Review your brand isn’t yours anymore. It’s the customers and you may not like what they do with […]

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Why recipes matter in social media

Q: What’s the most competitive area for food on the web? A: recipes. In a week when NineMSN launched its new food portal, the recipe battle online just got fiercer. The competition is for which website has the most rcipes best optimised to be found in Google searches whether it be Taste, Gourmet Traveller, SBS Food or whichever. There’s a reason for this. Recipes mean traffic. People want recipes. The big traffic blogs mostly rely on recipes. Therefore if you […]

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What about monitoring social media?

People always ask about monitoring tools for social media. There are plenty of very expensive solutions out there designed for big brands. But I suspect for many food and drink businesses costs are always going to be an issue simply because many aren’t that big. Luckily some of the best tools are free, although if you do feel inclined to pay for any probably Hootsuite is the best. Some of these tools have the ability to pre assign activity, but […]

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Be everywhere with everything

So how does the internet work nowadays? There is no one prescriptive answer but it is more than just having a single website or newsletter that can only be viewed on a computer. It’s all about giving choices. The information on your website need to be available all over the place. That means it should be available to the near 11 million Facebook users in Australia, the 1.8 million or so people on Twitter locally and the 2 million or […]

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Davos: businesses exposed by social media

From today’s Australian: “And Davos confirmed that the Facebook social networking and mobile technology revolutions were now a priority agenda item for Australian business leaders extending from retailing (Mr Goyder) and banking (Mrs Kelly) to construction (Mr King) and business services (Ms Walker).” Westpac CEO Gail Kelly said that social media meant that “business was more exposed to issues being magnified and accelerated at digital speed”. “There are big implications for the way you manage media and marketing, the way […]