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Uber Eats takeaway food deliveries

On the web the winner takes all and I believe that in the takeaway food delivery business there will be one service that survives, Uber Eats. It launched today at 11am today in a limited area of Melbourne inner city suburbs. But who knows, as both Deliveroo or Foodora are worthy challengers. But Australian market is too small to support three upmarket food takeaway businesses. The fact is the biggest wins. Look at Facebook versus Twitter. AirBNB versus the other […]

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Why nobody is ordering your takeaways

Takeaway food is big business. Last year the two leading Australian food delivery services Menulog and Eat Now merged. Then they were snapped-up for a mere $855 million by the UK’s Just Eat. In contrast the leading restaurant booking engine Dimmi sold for about $25 million. That’s how big takeaways are versus eating at home where a whole new raft of companies are emerging. Technology is disrupting fast food deliveries. Right now I want to answer the question I’m asked […]

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How to find your website audience

One of the advantages of helping a few dozen companies on their digital marketing and websites is that we see a lot of numbers. We see the main website traffic sources, the dynamics of who are key influencers and the reality behind the effectiveness of just about everything from emails to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. And let’s not forget Pinterest, Linked-in and Snapchat. Or physical events. I recently posted that as businesses we need to use our websites effectively as […]

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How to build your digital audience

Recently I was invited in by The Field Institute to talk about building a digital audience. The talk ended with the question: If I was given $5,000 to spend would I put it on: 1. a website 2. a social media strategy 3. photography My surprising answer was photography. The reason being that content is expensive to produce and compelling pictures are the best for engagement across many platforms including blogs, Instagram, Facebook and increasingly Twitter. With $5,000 of photographs […]

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How to manage your online reputation with Ken Burgin

You’d be amazed the number of people who contact us problems with online reviews. It seems to be the problems are split two ways. Either somebody has got drunk and is randomly posting negative reviews or a venue’s review score falls below their expectations, especially in Melbourne on Urbanspoon. I recently talked to hospitality consultancy Ken Burgin on this issue for his podcast, which you can find here. The first problem of drunken trolls is relatively easy to solve and […]

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Why recipes matter in social media

Q: What’s the most competitive area for food on the web? A: recipes. In a week when NineMSN launched its new food portal, the recipe battle online just got fiercer. The competition is for which website has the most rcipes best optimised to be found in Google searches whether it be Taste, Gourmet Traveller, SBS Food or whichever. There’s a reason for this. Recipes mean traffic. People want recipes. The big traffic blogs mostly rely on recipes. Therefore if you […]

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Specifications for a restaurant website

If you want to see what it should look like then visit El Loco in Sydney and check it on your pc and mobile phone. 1. Front page blog like functionality with RSS feed 2. Allow multiple categories in blog with individual RSS feeds. 3. Mailchimp email sign-up form front page in sidebar. Mailchimp takes RSS feed to make email. Email send to Facebook/Twitter. 4. Twitter stream in right hand sidebar 5. Facebook open graph tags on front page so […]

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Be everywhere with everything

So how does the internet work nowadays? There is no one prescriptive answer but it is more than just having a single website or newsletter that can only be viewed on a computer. It’s all about giving choices. The information on your website need to be available all over the place. That means it should be available to the near 11 million Facebook users in Australia, the 1.8 million or so people on Twitter locally and the 2 million or […]