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The big opportunity for video shorts

With Youtube the second biggest search engine in Australia, it is also a huge opportunity outside of Google search to use it to get your brand noticed. Like pictures, short videos are easy to watch and absorb. The only problem is we are all in a mindset born out of corporate videos of years gone by. And like me, you probably just yawn just thinking about corporate videos. Unless extremely entertaining or compelling, few people are going to watch a […]

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A 3D view of your business

View Larger Map Google maps for business, now known as “Google My Business” is a tricky one. Not only is verification a pain in that you have to wait for a postcard that sometimes doesn’t arrive (although you can sometimes get someone on a phone to help), but it can also be difficult to get right. The difference between getting your listing right or wrong is the difference between your business showing up in local and map search or not. […]

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How to create a huge funnel of traffic to your website with a video content bomb

I was introduced to this aggressive SEO idea while attending the Wordcamp conference earlier this year. It’s a 28 minute investment to see the method – with the meat starting around the 4 minute mark. Basically creating impact with content is a numbers game. Whether it’s your own website or a video hosting or social media site it takes lots of content to create a real impact. It’s intense. If you are a small to medium business if you are […]

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Google on what is search engine optimisation

Every so often a client is approached by someone selling Search Engine Optimisation and they wonder if they should buy it. Often these providers offer link buildings and many other practices that google disapproves of. I maintain that a proper content marketing strategy – that’s articles and videos people want to engage with -and social media engagement is good Search Engine Optimisation. I’m not going to explain any more as this is Google’s Matt Cutts who is talking about the […]