Month: August 2011

Bars & pubs, Eat streets

Check the Vue at Lui Bar

The view alone is worth it at the new Vue de Monde. Photo: Adriane Strampp In case you hadn’t heard,Lui Bar at Shannon Bennett’s new Vue de Monde at the top of The Rialto is open to all comers. And it is not only worth it for the drinks but the vue (view geddit?) of the traffic streaming through Melbourne at night. The attention to detail and the levels of service at Lui Bar are unmatched in Australia. First you […]


Gourmet Traveller vs the people

What crazy things restaurant rankings are, eh? A small group of the same old people pretty much are the judges for all the local restaurant awards, whether it is Gourmet Traveller, which announced its Sydney-centric version this week, or The Age, which is next week. It’s a mad mad mad world when you factor in the user generated rankings from Urbanspoon, with the real winners in the two lists being Frank Camorra and his Movidas and Andrew McConnell with Cutler […]


Cheese is about to get a lot more tasty

Which of the above cheese aren’t you allowed to eat? If they were made from raw milk then none. But if proposals put forward by Food Standards ANZ (FANZ) go through only the hard and semi hard cheeses. And you won’t be able to buy (legally) raw milk altogether. The world is divided as to whether unpasteurized milk products are dangerous or not because all sorts of allegedly nasty bugs live in it. Really though it isn’t necessarily a problem […]


Oysters, ethics and stout

Oysters, once the food of the people. Now if you are interested in various different varieties you’ll be paying up to $4 in restaurants.That’s nearly $50 for a dozen and in my opinion too much. I want to eat them but can’t afford to pay that much.So I will often will buy them at one of Melbourne’s markets (pre-shucked if I’m feeling lazy) for about $1 each. The fact is that unless you are a cashed-up hedge fund manager the […]