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Tuned down green papaya salad for tourists

Jak prepares green papaya salad  Usually my blog posts are from the opposite season from most other people. That’s because most of the time I live in the southern hemisphere. For this week’s Weekend Herb Blogging, hosted by Scott at Real Epicurean, Jak and I in the northern hemisphere at the Three Elephants Cooking School in Luang Prabang Laos. Unusually, we are cooperating with each other in the kitchen in what is the only food we have prepared for the […]

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Water rat season

I think it may be water rat season in Phonsvanh in Laos. There are also voles, flying squirrels and deer in the market. In five minutes though the whole lot is sold. Only a single haunch and head of deer is left. What really catch my eye are the beuatiful game birds. It’s a shame you just can’t get this stuff to eat in restaurants or at street BBQs.

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The best chicken tikka known to humanity

As most of us know, curry is an English invention, Indian food being spicy but very different and regional in its styles. Chicken Tikka Massala, the national dish of England now, is apparently a Scottish invention. If you are lucky the chicken tikka element is made in a tandoor oven and the sauce is defrosted as the dish tastes okay. At Nisha on the main drag at Phgonsavanh, the sauce also seems to be prepared freshly. Cream doesn’t drown out […]

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Whoops! Somebody left some UXO in the dining room

Actually, I hope this ordinance has been decommisioned. We’re at Phonsavanh, near the Plain of Jars. If you are familiar with the Vietnam War you will know that more bombs were dropped in this area than just about anywhere else on earth in a secret war wage by the CIA. Unexploded ordinance is still a massive problem and people are killed weekly. More to come soon…

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Shelter for suburban Buddhists

There’s nothing quite like a beer at sunset next to the Meekong whereever you are along its length. Tonight we are in Luang Prabang enjoying the Carlsberg-owned Beer Laos. If you ever wanted to visit Asia and been a bit to scared then this is the place to be. Or perhaps you are an inner-city Buddhist who has been looking to find yourself but only found a granny running meditation sessions in the suburbs. Luang Prabang is a very laid […]