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Inside My Mexican creole controversy

I started with a vieux carré; Buffalo Trace bourbon, Remy VS Cognac, Rosso Antico, Yellow Chartreuse, Orange & Rhubarb bitters, a grapefruit twist. But this whole creole contraversy was shaken and stirred when @burgermary started calling the authenticity of My Mexican Cousin’s creole credentials into question. Is short the restaurant, which is attached to and with it’s Six Degrees fitout jars with the Melbourne Recital Centre, is named after the most popular dish on the St Ali menu (corncakes) and is a joint venture with a stack of other bar owners and DJs. Maurice Esposito, best known for seafood and his sustainable approach, was in charge of the food. Salvatore Malatesta, who owns St Ali, being Salvatore decided it was a smart move to hire @burgermary to make the menu authentic. Esposito exits stage left. And the chefs in the kitchen are left a tad grumpy to say the least. But as a team they pulled of an amazing Fringe Food Festival dinner earlier this week. However much you can argue about the above events, unless you are vegetarian you can’t argue with our starter of praline bacon – thin strips of Kaiserfleish candied with brown sugar and pecans, as praline would be made in the south. Naturally, there has been a PoBoy on the menu, a fat baguette stuffed with fat deep fried prawns, mayo, cos lettuce and creole seasoning. With the boudin fritters, BT’s gumbo, the pulled pork and cornbread skillet, pecan pie and beignet (basically doughnuts with salted caramel dipping sauce) it was a huge amount of food. Despite a couple of misses among the hits, I liked it as a casual sort of food. If I was living locally or attending a concert I’d drop in for a PoBoy and a glass of wine at least. It was a ballsy move to bring in a blogger/tweeter with some fall out. But publicity wise it is genius. This year we’ll see many more people from social media becoming involved with restaurants myself included.