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If it’s Wednesday, it’s cassoulet night at Libertine

Wednesday night in winter is cassoulet night: Libertine (watch out for the music), 500 Victoria St, North Melbourne, Vic 3051 +61 9329 5228 I‘m a big fan of Libertine. It’s more of a restaurant with a French beret than the full only Disney French dining experience that others offer. Importantly, it is run by a husband (Nick in the kitchen) and wife (Zoe on wine, front of house) team with passion. The wine list is quirky and interesting and for not too high a cost can take you on a journey of discovery with single glasses and carafes – as well as bottles. You can even taste rare, endangered grape varieties. But what I like right now is the $25 cassoulet offered on Wednesday night. Yes, that’s a lousy $25 for a comforting cassoulet. Of course, by the time you’ve skulled a few oysters, had a starter and chosen a pert young souffle for dessert, the bill will come to more. But still Libertine is great value. So if you are feeling just a bit cold and miserable, perhaps a bit damp, why not cheer yourself up with a French classic. I’m biased because Zoe and Nick know me as I often get a little extra starter or glass of something. But I’ve recommended Libertine to many friends, including the fussy ones. And they’ve all come away more than happy. So try the cassoulet. And if it’s booked out, what the heck just visit anyway.