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Eating and drinking abroad and at home. Sometimes I get sick too.

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Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations visit to Melbourne

You don’t have to know much about Anthony Bourdain to know he loves Melbourne. He was back earlier this year guided around town – and down to the Royal Mail Hotel – by Matt Preston, Tony Tan and Paul Wilson. Here are the Youtube clips from what was show recently in the US. [youtube:] Part one: Paul Wilson while he was at the Half Moon in Brighton. [youtube:] Part two: Playing Trugo with Matt Preston and kebabs on Sydney Rd […]

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Indian wine whine

Wine with Indian food? Even seasoned food writers seem to think you can’t eat anything spicy – let’s call it curry – without an ice cold glass of lager. Certainly normal punters think it’s laughable. Last year in my mum’s Indian local, out of 150 curry munchers only myself and a blond hairdresser were spotted with a glass of wine, white dare I say. The problem in India is that wine is expensive. Actually that’s not the only problem – […]


Dosai, goats and not everything that you want to know about India

We’ve traveled and eaten from the Bay of Bengal on the east to the Arabian Sea on the west. We’ve encountered slow internet connections, outdated browsers and dodgy mice which is why I haven’t updated since Chennai (Madras), where we first tasted how fragrant Indian food can be when made with freshly ground local spices and plenty of curry leaves. There is so much I want to tell you but there is only one thing you sickos want to know […]


Honking and peeping: welcome to Chennai

[youtube:] It’s winter in Chennai or Madras as it was called. That means it is warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt and the heat won’t kill you. But the taxi and auto rickshaw drivers may and that’s just touting for your business. Among the chaos of bodies scrambling to pick-up their arrivals horns parp. And parp. And honk. Then some more peeps as we enter the traffic jam known as the car park to our taxi, a chunky old […]

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No happy ending to this shitty desert banquet

The desert is inevitable in Dubai and it is difficult to resist a safari. While we will feast in the dessert there will be no booze or belly dancing tonight because of Ramadam. I don’t mind. We traverse the dunes in Top Gear fashion while I weakly exclaim “Oh my god!”. I don’t really mean it as the track up the peaks and down the dips aren’t that scary. While everybody else looks towards the sunset and the passing camel […]

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London help needed for visiting food blogger

What are the essential food and drink experiences in London at the moment? I arrive back for the first time in four years, and the first as a food blogger, on the 10th September, leaving on the 22nd (Right now I’m sweating it out in Dubai for some reason). Part of my visit is for work to conduct some interview for a book but so easily it can become entwined with pleasure. But it’s a whirlwind tour where I also […]

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The best of Tasmania: Honey, cherries, apples, oysters…

Blackberries Not ripe yet but reminding me of the labyrinths we used to tread as a child picking them. Inspired by Jamie Oliver on Foxtel I chop up a single apple and add a punnet of bought blackberries. Spinkle with sugar. Then using passion rather than measuring instruments I rub butter into sugar and plain flour to make a crumble topping and bake. Served with thich organic cream. I love blackberry and apple crumble. Honey Bumble bees are everywhere, collecting […]

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Bourdain starts travel blog

Photography: Christina Simons p>Do I need say anymore about Bourdain’s blog apart from I found this via Slashfood? Perhaps I should also milk the archives: Part 1: A beer and a fag with Anthony Bourdain Part 2: On Ladro Part 3: Eating in Melbourne Part 4: No hippy shit Part 5: casual eating Part 6: Putting the boot in Part 7: A year in nam

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Searching for the best phố in Melbourne

It’s not something people talk about a lot but whenever I bring up phố there is enormous interest about where to eat it. People are always interested in the best places to eat in Victoria Street Richmond. When they hear I have a list of the best local phố restaurants from a phố expert in Sydney their notebooks and PDAs come out as they copy out the list. I discovered the “I Love Phố” exhibition that was held in Liverpool […]