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How to create a huge funnel of traffic to your website with a video content bomb

I was introduced to this aggressive SEO idea while attending the Wordcamp conference earlier this year. It’s a 28 minute investment to see the method – with the meat starting around the 4 minute mark. Basically creating impact with content is a numbers game. Whether it’s your own website or a video hosting or social media site it takes lots of content to create a real impact. It’s intense. If you are a small to medium business if you are […]

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Google on what is search engine optimisation

Every so often a client is approached by someone selling Search Engine Optimisation and they wonder if they should buy it. Often these providers offer link buildings and many other practices that google disapproves of. I maintain that a proper content marketing strategy – that’s articles and videos people want to engage with -and social media engagement is good Search Engine Optimisation. I’m not going to explain any more as this is Google’s Matt Cutts who is talking about the […]

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A slippery slope for the Good Food Guide

Blogs are a rising trend in search and look like they could overtake the Good Food Guide in popularity. Both are completely overshadowed by Urbanspoon which dominates Google search results in Australia. It’s only recently that The Age and it’s publications such as Good Food have embraced social media and started including links in their stories (although it still loves to troll bloggers and online reviewers). Meanwhile, Urbanspoon, Yelp! and other review sites have been embracing online communities. The chart […]

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What can you do about Urbanspoon reviews?

For restaurants it is tough to know what to do about negative comments on Urbanspoon. As the chart shows below in the past few years it has become the the most popular review sites in Australia and for some customers it has become a blood sport to leave negative comments for even the smallest problems. In the case of a popular venue its profile will be seen by several thousands visitors a month and can refer several thousand visits to […]

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Crowd control doesn’t work

The crowd is wild and unpredictable. It always has been. People have always been unpredictable. Some will love you and become customers. Some will despise you. But you can’t control them. And now thanks to social media they have a voice, a voice you can’t control like an ad, direct mail or PR. And as is argued here in the Harvard Business Review your brand isn’t yours anymore. It’s the customers and you may not like what they do with […]

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Takeaways from Eat Drink Blog 3

The SA Tourism Minister Gail Gago talks to food bloggers. Who’d have thought it? The South Australian Minister for Tourism Hon Gail Gago speaking to 90 or so food bloggers at Eat Drink Blog 3 conference. Mind you I was also surprised by Meat and Livestock’s sponsorship and more particularly their invitation to anyone who wanted to to visit a beef feedlot – I certainly plan to take up that offer. And let’s not mention the food writer who referred […]

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The new shape of food journalism and reviews

Some things creep up on you. Others arrive in clusters. The evolution of food journalism and reviewing in Australia is a mixture of both with the dumping of two important restaurant critics in Sydney and Melbourne, the replacement of the editors of two major newspaper food sections at Fairfax and the elevation of Yelp! as the most likely winner in the food review stakes. So what happened? First to the Yelp! news, which is really significant. The latest IOS update […]


Save Epicure. Or build something new?

The food and drink business has a love hate relationship with its media. They are either moaning that newspaper sections and magazines don’t write about them. Or when they do they get it wrong. Then there is the thorny issue of critics, the journalists that probably get the most stick for not rating restaurants (or anything subject to critique) quite as highly as the owners would like. When I started my own food magazine Tomato (which became this blog) eight […]